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Welcome to H town!

Hubert NC, is a small town in the Eastern Part of Onslow County, North Carolina

Hubert is part of the Jacksonville, North Carolina Metropolitan Statistical Area and we are unincorporated.

It is largely populated with military members stationed aboard the half dozen marine corps bases that are around this area. The base traffic at Camp Lejuene's main gate has created a lot of growth in Hubert due to the fact that there is an entrance onto Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base via 172 in Hubert.

Hubert has a post office. Our police force is the local sheriff and we have two fire departments, the Hubert Volunteer Fire Department and the Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department. We don't pay city taxes and our county tax is only .59%.

There is a high demand for rentals and housing in Hubert N.C. Everyone wants to live on this side of town due to the traffic in Jacksonville. What you see for rent one day will probably be taken the next!

We have a few places to eat and shop in Hubert. We are right next door to Swansboro N.C. If you live in Hubert, you will find that you do most of your business in that area. It is full of stores, shops, and restaurants by the IntraCoastal Waterway.

If you live in Hubert, you more or less have your own private gate to the base. There are all kinds of activities to do on the base. If you are into hunting and fishing you will love it here.

On Red Barn Road is the biggest local N.C. boat ramp. The Red Barn Restaurant is right there to feed you before you hit the water.

We have 4 real seasons here. It rarely snows and lately it doesn't rain either. It gets hot and sticky in the summer and we get below freezing during the winter nights. Our spring and fall are the best! We do have bugs here, lots of them!

If you are thinking of moving here and you need an experienced and hard working realtor (Military Retired) that lives in the local Hubert community, then you need to at least interview Kimberlee McCormick at Ward Shore Realty. Her office is in Raymond's Landing by the back gate off of Bear Creek Road.


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